Roger McGough
The Cure for Ageing

There is no cure for ageing
Death may be incurable, but growing old is not an illness.
And some are better at it than others. ….The secret?
Think yourself younger than you really are:
On a crowded bus or tube, offer your seat to a young man
Help a traffic warden across a busy road
Grow cannabis in the commode
Rocking chair? Stick it up on the roof
Discreet tattoo or a gold false tooth
Design a website, invent an app
Buy your clothes from Topshop and Gap
Take up Zumba, forget to nap.

Time flies they say, but it’s us that fly
Time sits on its hands as we rush by.
And life has a way of gathering speed
So seize the day, we’re a special breed.
For in the stifled yawn of a brain
The slip of a cell
The dim of an eye
The fluff of a heartbeat
You are old.
Welcome to the fold.

Read by Jonathan Pryce

HERE the Italian version

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