Daniel Pennac
Se Dio esiste,

Se Dio esiste, spero che abbia una scusa valida.

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    1. Dear Mr. Pete Rowbottom,
      I’m really sorry for what happened.
      Believe me, until a few years ago I was also an (amateur) photographer and I understand your position.
      Certainly what happened was not my will: I am just a seventy-year-old lady passionate about poetry and “beauty” and I love combining quotes and poems with images.
      I usually download free images from FreePhotos, Gratisography, Unsplush, Pixabay, Pexel, Freeimages etc. and I thought they were all free stock images.
      I could also have made a mistake among the thousands of photos that I collected for years for this use and of course I apologize and correct the page in question immediately.
      I am also sorry to answer you so late, it would never have happened if a worsening of my health condition had not led me to a month of hospitalization (As you could see from the blog where I had warned of my absence) and, even now at home, today is the first day that I can get to the PC where I found my server ticket with your request.
      I hope I have at least convinced you of the unintentional nature of what happened, I renew my apologies and remain at your disposal.

      Lionella Saccocci

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